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How To Care For Your Cotton Linen Clothes

How To Care For Your Cotton Linen Clothes

Cotton and linen are the sustained and natural fabrics. They are not only environmentally friendly but also soft and comfortable, as a result, they have become popular with people for thousands of years.

These two fabrics possess similar features. For examples, they are both soft and durable, owning high hygroscopicity and high dyeing ability, as well as the high Alkali resistance. The pure cotton garments have less durability than the linen fabric, but the cotton fabric will be softer than the linen. Therefore, many garments are made of both cotton and linen so as to combine their advantages.

By knowing cotton and linen’s characteristics, we can wash and care for them correctly.

  1. Can use both hand washing and machine washing. You can choose various of detergents to wash the fabrics, but we still suggest that you should use the gentle machine cycle and a mild detergent to wash the cotton linen garments. Non-Chloride bleach.
  2. Use rather stronger Alkaline detergents to wash the white cotton linen fabric can bleaching the garments. Since the clothes are alkali-resistant, it will not damage the cotton linen fabrics.
  3. Do not soak the garments for a long time, we suggest the timely washing.If soaking the clothes, it will cause color fading easily.
  4. Avoid isolation, or there will be color fading in your deep color garments. You’d better hang inside out in ventilated place.
  5. Please wash the cotton linen clothes only with the similar fabrics in terms of color, weight and washing instructions.
  6. Do not wring out the clothes.
  7. Avoid soaking the cotton linen delicates in hot water or the yellow sweat stain will appear on the clothes.

By the way, like the other natural fabrics, both linen and cotton fabrics are in poor wrinkle resistance and easy to shrink the distortion. However, the special wrinkle style is the cotton linen garments’ style. Regardless of wrinkle problem, it is easy to handle this. You just need to spray some water on the wrinkle parts, the strong vertical sense of the linen and cotton fabrics will flatten the clothes when they dry out.

In addition, some people may complain about the poor touch feeling for the linen garments. In fact, the high-quality linen or the fabrics with a high percentage of linen is harsh to the touch. After several times of washing, the clothes will become soft. So please don’t worry about this.

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